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Where can I buy the AQUA FM ?

The AQUA FM is available at most specialty sports stores and diving shops. If you do not find the product in a store near you, please check our "Distributors" page.

Can I use the AQUA FM in the swimming pool ?

Yes, the AQUA FM is totally adapted for use in the pool. With or without fins, your sessions will seem much shorter.

Can I listen to the radio underwater with my AQUA FM ?

Since radio waves do not travel underwater, reception will be momentarily interrupted while swimming beneath the surface. Your AQUA FM will immediately tune onto your station as you come back up.

Can I use the AQUA FM with swimming goggles ?

For optimum comfort, we recommend you use your AQUA FM with "SEAL" type swimming masks or with a diving mask.

As from what age can I use the AQUA FM?

The AQUA FM is suited to those children who can use an adult snorkel. The mouthpiece must fit properly in the mouth and must be comfortable.